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    I started working with Gunnar a few years back with a few weeks experience in a gym. Since then, over the years I've always gone back to work with him. His enthusiasm, dedication, and very real desire to help people reach their goals really show through. With my custom program,  I always know that Gunnar is just a text away when I need to reach out. Working with Gunnar as an online coach has been nothing shy of incredible and would eagerly recommend him to anyone looking for help in reaching their health & fitness goals!

    Riley Gould: Gladiator Member (Custom Coaching)
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    I've worked with Gunnar since the fall of 2018. Since then Gunnar has helped me through several successful body composition transformations. I've had two successful bulks and am working on my third cut now. During all of this time Gunnar has been a wealth of knowledge and not only gives you a plan for success but teaches you the important aspects behind why his prescribed plans contribute to any fitness related goals. If you're looking for a quality, relatable, and humble trainer who knows his stuff, look no further.

    Shane Adams (Gladiator Club)
  • I’ve been working with Gunnar for almost two years and in that time, my fitness journey has taken many turns.  Where many coaches push their clients beyond limits, Gunnar takes his time to listen and understand your experience. He creates training plans that truly fit you and inspire you to continue and accomplish your fitness goals.

    JP Navarro: Gladiator Member (Custom Coaching)
  • Gunnar is a catalyst to my physical & mental well-being.  Hitting 60ish (that’s years, not pounds) -- I appreciate all the advice, encouragement, accomplishments & creativity Gunnar’s aura directs my way.  Towards the end of each evening, and when I get a bit grouchy -- my wife says “you didn’t see Gunnar today, did you?

    Peter Godefroy: In-Person Client
  • After NO exercise during Covid lock down, my loss of strength, balance and range of motion was significant!  After only several weeks working with Gunnar on his stretching and core strengthening regime, I regained my pre-Covid physical well being. Continuing working with him over the last year has turned back the hands of time in regards to my physical fitness. - Thanks Gunnar!

    Paul Vitello: In-Person Client
  • I found Gunnar through the social media of someone I follow! I saw after having her baby she looked amazing again and super fit! She had wonderful things to say about him and emphasized that working with him allowed her to do her workouts from anywhere and he made it super easy.  All of these things combined convinced me that reaching out and speaking to him was definitely at least worth a chance. 

    Gunnar was super kind and understanding and really seemed to know all of his stuff right off the bat! I began working with him because I wanted to feel extra in shape and confident for my upcoming wedding and all of my wedding photos.  Gunnar was amazing at designing a workout plan for exactly the areas that I needed to work on toning and creating more definition around, but also giving advice and helping me adjust when I was in pain or plateauing.  He also makes sure to check in the exact amount that you need and is just the best accountability partner and cheerleader! 

     What set Gunnar apart for me from other forms of fitness that I have done in the past is, he helped me get to exactly where I wanted to be! I have always been fortunate enough to be in decent shape through exercise and managing my diet, but struggled to hit that next level of fitness I desired! Gunnar changed that!  He helped me realize where I needed to make some small adjustments that made HUGE differences. 

     I am happy to say that not only do I look at every wedding photo and feel great about how my body looked that day (and still do feel great about how it looks), but from so many people I got compliments about my "perfect bride arms" and general overall "fit figure." 

     If you want to feel stronger, more confident, better about your body Gunnar and his workout programs are the way to go. He will help you somehow get to where you want to be and remember to appreciate yourself as you are! 

    All the workouts are not a huge time commitment and they are convenient, because he is able to design something for your home or where you are/ where you need/want to work out!  He'll be the part of your fitness routine you'll wish you had found sooner and never want to let go of! 10/10 review for Gunnar!

    Kimberly J: Gladiator Member (Custom Coaching)