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Gunnar Anderson

The Gladiator Club

The Gladiator Club

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This is where the magic happens! The Gladiator Club is unlike anything else offered in the fitness industry. Complete one on one virtual coaching with me as your coach. Not a bot. Not an assistant. Just you and me!

We will work together to create the best program to meet your needs. This is the only program where you will have one on one access to me during our weekly check-in calls. We will also work together to create a nutritional protocol for the duration of the plan! Note: I am not a registered dietician, this is just what I have personally found success from in myself and others. 

What You Get:

  • 100% customized workouts tailored to your individual goals and needs
  • One on one weekly check in calls
  • Nutritional guidance based on your needs
  • Bonus PDF that includes a full gallery of photo references demonstrating how to do each exercise you may encounter at the gym with proper form 

What You Need:

Given that The Gladiator Club is totally customized, you don’t need anything. If you’re working out at home with no equipment, we’ll make it work! That being said, having a gym membership will allow for the widest array of exercises to incorporate into the plan.  

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