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Gunnar Anderson



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The 8 week guide to advanced strength and aesthetics 

The Leading Man Program's goal is to do exactly what the title says: turn you into a leading man! The men at the forefront of the entertainment industry are not bodybuilders. They have lean, muscular, athletic physiques. This program will help you achieve just that. This is not a bodybuilding plan. This is a plan to increase your muscle size, boost your strength, improve your endurance, and burn fat. We want to build a physique that looks great anywhere, anytime... not just at the gym. 


What You Get:

  • Downloadable PDF with 8 weeks of workouts laid out for you to easily follow
  • Brand new daily workouts for all body parts so you never do the same workout twice
  • Full gallery of photo references demonstrating how to do each exercise with proper form
  • Space to write notes and track individual progress


What You Need:

  • This program is designed to be completed at a gym (LA Fitness, YMCA, Gold’s etc..) 


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